Australian Sangha Association
The Australian Sangha Association (ASA) is the federal equivalent of the Queensland Sangha Association. The constitutions are very similar. It is expected that state level Sangha Associations will be set up as time goes on. QSA seems to be the first one. ASA and QSA are separately incorporated.

Buddhist Education Services for Schools
BESS stands for the Buddhist Education Services for Schools Inc., an organisation set up primarily for the teaching of Buddhism in schools under the law and regulations relating to religious instruction in Australia.

For more information on Buddhism, we have provided more information below, though it is not comprehensive.

In general if you open a search engine website such as you can search on a Buddhist word or name.  Through such a search a series of websites can be identified. Where you might think that no information is available on a particular subject or person you will be surprised to see how much information can be accessed.  The following are well known Buddhist websites.

If you need to refer to a printed book such as the Tripitaka in English you could check with one of the temples close to you.  For instance the Chinese and Sri Lankan scriptures are available in a number of temples in Brisbane.  Similarly you may try in other cities.  Please ask for help from the Webmasters of QSA and BESS.

Please feel free to submit more information in this area.
For English Translations of the Pali Canon, there are many websites. Two are mentioned below:

This website has the Pali, Sinhalese and English versions of the Pali Canon (Tripitaka)

Access To Insight
English translations of the Pali Canon (Tripitaka)


For educational and organizational information on Buddhism, please see the following:

This website is very comprehensive and is widely used throughout the world.

Buddhist Publication Society Online Library
One of the world's major publishers of literature on Theravada Buddhism. Many English books are downloadable as PDF.

For Library Books you can approach the closest temple. They have different collections.
More information on Buddhist libraries is being compiled at this time.


Sakyadhita Australia

Sakyadhita International was formed in 1987 in Bodhgaya India under the patronage of HH the Dalai Lama. It seeks to build community to benefit Buddhist women and nuns, to reduce gender injustice and awaken women to their potential.