When a new temple association is set up or when there is a major transformation of the organisation due to growth or other factors, it is wise to examine the suitability of the way things are organised. Here the QSA would be able to provide guidance as it can secure the help of people who have knowledge and experience in management.

The level of sophistication of accounting systems needs to be considered as the organisation grows.

Temples may be able to seek exemption from income tax. The national commission for charities looks after this aspect. There are advantages in registering for GST particularly if a building program or high expenditure work is coming up. If a new building were to cost $ 500, 000, then the refund from the tax department on GST paid could be as much as $ 50,000. Before you can claim such big amounts the temple must be well organised and accounts kept properly.  

Obtaining charitable status is not necessary for most temples. This is a state matter and is different from being just a charity.

However Gift Fund Status is worth pursuing if there is well organised educational activity. Otherwise ATO would be reluctant to consider an application. This facility will be very valuable for a temple planning to have large capital expenditure.

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