The overall educational service rendered by QSA is designing and conducting education and training courses for the Sangha and householders who help to run the temples. For example, QSA has conducted training courses for people to eventually become Buddhist Chaplains. The preliminary course will be offered as students apply for registration in the course. A training course on methods of teaching meditation to children was run some time ago.

Some QSA educational programs aim at spreading knowledge related to Buddhism. Other programs are aimed at imparting skills in teaching and practice of Buddhism. A few programs have aimed at creating a higher level of understanding among adherents of Mahayana, Theravada and Vajrayana traditions of Buddhism.  

In January 2015 QSA adopted the proposal to establish an institution called the Siddhartha Institute of Buddhism so that education and training services can be better organised and to bring these activities in line with those of similar institutions.

Education and training programs conducted in the past included the following:

  1. Primary course in Buddhist Chaplaincy Course - 2013 (completed in October 2014)
  2. Buddhist Youth Education Program (Two trials successfully conducted at the Sri Lanka Buddhist Monastery in Ellen Grove)
  3. Primary Course in Pali Language (one year) - 2007
  4. Mahayana, Theravada and Vajrayana conference on 12 Key topics - 2007 (a 150 page report has been published).
  5. Conference on Methods of teaching meditation to children - 2008 ( A report has been published)
  6. Buddhism Course based on selected major topics - 2008 (completed with the help of BESS)
  7. Classification System for Buddhist Books
  8. Buddhist Chaplaincy Primary Course - 2011
  9. Buddhism Course based on 150 Key-Words (designed in 2012 for BESS)

Future Programs     

  1. Third run of the primary course in Buddhist chaplaincy via internet (one year) leading to a Diploma in Buddhist chaplaincy.
  2. Cascading course in Buddhism via internet (one year). At each stage a summary of Buddhism is presented one leading to the next.
  3. Diploma course in Buddhism
  4. Diploma course in Buddhist Psychology
  5. A short program in the management of temples
  6. A short program in development planning for temples

Siddhartha Institute of Buddhism (SIB)

This is the education and training arm of QSA. It is being organised as an independent tertiary institution primarily dedicated to Buddhism. The General Prospectus of SIB giving a brief description of SIB.

The Diploma Course in Buddhist Chaplaincy (SN - 001) is now being conducted for the third time. It commenced in the first week of April 2015 and will be completed in March 2016. For the information pack on the course please see below. The method of enrolment is also indicated in the information pack. You can click on that line to open the document.

The first ever course in Buddhist Psychology (Abhidhamma) designed and conducted by the Siddhartha Institute of Buddhism in Brisbane is completing one year and will draw to a close in April 2016. It was presented at the diploma level and was application oriented. Twice monthly sessions were held on both Saturdays and Sundays from 2.00 to 4.00 pm. Thirty two were registered to receive lessons by email and a small group attended most of the classes. One was from overseas.

There were about 70 units in the course covering the entire Pali Abhidhamma Piataka as summarised in the treatise called Abhidhammattha Sangaha attributed to Venerable Anuruddha Thero of ancient times.

List of Documents of the Siddhartha Institute of Buddhism (SIB) are:

  1. Buddhist Chaplaincy Course delivery 7 - information pack
  2. Prospectus 2018
  3. Buddhist Chaplaincy Course delivery 5 - information pack
  4. Buddhist Chaplaincy Diploma Course Syllabus for Part 3 and Part 4
  5. Buddhist Chaplaincy Assignment 1 for Units 1A to 2B
  6. General prospectus of the Siddhartha Institute of Buddhism (including the Senate)
  7. Abhidhamma Diploma Course Information Pack
  8. Dhamma Diploma Course Information Pack
  9. Development of Mindfulness - Curriculum and Standard Program
  10. Spiritual Application of Mindfulness based on Breathing - Curriculum

For the e-books published by QSA please refer to the section titled RESOURCES