The Queensland Sangha Association Inc. commenced registering Buddhist chaplains practising in Queensland so that if someone needs to communicate with a Buddhist chaplain, there is a referral point with QSA. In the first batch as at 21 December 2014 a handful of persons had registered as Buddhist chaplains. Most of them are in or around Brisbane. In future we hope there will be Buddhist chaplains available in other areas of Queensland. The number of registered chaplains is growing. All who are actually practising as Buddhist chaplains and those who have participated in a suitable training course are encouraged to apply for registration.

Recently QSA has set up the Buddhist Chaplaincy Services Board to help registered chaplains to continue their practice more effectively and to make it easier for people in need of services to contact them. The Board will also set up standards and handle recruitment in the future.      

Where training of Buddhist Chaplains is concerned the Buddhist Chaplaincy Board will work hand in hand with the Siddhartha Institute of Buddhism which is now entrusted with all educational and training work of QSA. A Diploma course in Buddhist chaplaincy will commence in early April 2015. Please see the Education Services page of this website for more details of training and education programs.



The following categories of persons may apply for registration as Buddhist Chaplains by providing the information asked for in the Application for Registration as a Buddhist Chaplain. You can download the form with a left-click on the italics just above:

  1. Buddhist monks and nuns
  2. Individuals who have successfully completed Part (1) of the Diploma Course in Buddhist Chaplaincy conducted by the Queensland Sangha Association Inc.
  3. Any others who can demonstrate an equivalent level of knowledge of Buddhism, and knowledge of chaplaincy or related work, to the satisfaction of the Queensland Sangha Association Inc. 



Buddhist chaplains cannot replace the various professionals such as psycho-therapists and psychologists and so on who belong to established and recognised professions. From a faith point of view Buddhist chaplains intend to help people to a realistic and practical extent. Sometimes that help might solve the problem faced by the affected individual and at times it might not be sufficient. In the latter case the Buddhist chaplain may help by referring the client to a professional person.

Buddhist chaplains are always advised to work with related professionals in helping people. 

Buddhist chaplains may work in the general community or in institutions such as schools, universities, hospitals etc. Some of them have completed a training course in Buddhist chaplaincy. Others are expected to train themselves as required by the institutions they work with.

Buddhist chaplaincy has been practised since the time of the Buddha and there are many stories of success achieved by monks and nuns helping people in trouble. As the number of monks and nuns available is very limited, some lay people are also being trained to undertake Buddhist chaplaincy work. They are expected to work with the support and guidance of the available monks and nuns.



All initial inquiries about the availability of a Buddhist Chaplain for consultation in your area should be addressed to the QSA via the email address given below:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Preliminary information will be requested by the Registrar of the Buddhist Chaplaincy Services Board from the prospective client. On the basis of that information a chaplain will be introduced to the prospective client for consultation.

Whenever possible the registrar will try to match the needs of the client with the special skills a chaplain might have.

Any comments given by a client will be appreciated as it may help the Board to improve the service. In giving services Buddhist chaplains will endeavor to avoid disturbing any systems of belief that the client might have.