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Bank Account  Account Name     Queensland Sangha Association
Bank                     Heritage Building Society
BSB                      638-070
Account Number  1159-2818


1. Committee of Management

President Reverend James Wilson
Vice-President Venerable C. Chanhorm
Secretary Venerable S. Sugathasara
Treasure Venerable Hui Chyuan (Michael Jeng)
Secretary (Meetings, Records) Mrs. Lyna Chen
Committee Member Mrs. Aruni P. Arachchige
Executive Treasurer Mr. Sanjeewa Morawaka


2. Co-ordination Division

The main function is to co-ordinate the work of the entire organisation.

Executive Secretary Mr.Rahubadde Sarath-Chandra
IT Consultant and Webmaster Mr. Sam Ranasinghe


3. Educatuin Division (Siddhartha Institute of Buddhism) 

The main function is to conduct educational and training programs of QSA. A long series of courses have already been delivered. 


Chairman and Member     Venerable Dr. U. Kitsyayana
Member Dr. Sanka Wasalthilake    
Member & Registrar Mr. Rahu Sarath-Chandra
Member and Deputy Registrar Mr. Tanuja Yasanga Sarath-Chandra
Member & Registrar Dr. Barbara Sullivan    


4. Temple Development Planning Division

The main function is to advise and guide members in connection with development (Town) planning applications for new or unapproved temples. Many temples have benefitted from this free service which is otherwise very costly and burdensome.

Development Planning Board

Consultant (Strategies and Legal) Rahu Sarath-Chandra


5.  Buddhist Chaplaincy Division

The main function is to render assistance in providing Buddhist Chaplaincy Services to the general community and to institutions. The Buddhist Chaplaincy Qualifying Course has been delivered seven times. There are about 50 chaplains who have qualified to register and about seven others who have completed the qualifying course.  

Buddhist Chaplaincy Services Board  (BCSB) and Assembly of Buddhist Chaplains  (ABC)

Chairperson and Registrar Dr. Barbara Sullivan
Senior Buddhist Chaplain     Venerable Dr. B.Pannasobhana

6. Buddhist Publications Division 

The main function is to publish books developed by QSA, courses developed by QSA, to keep records and to manage the publication of annual reports, the QSA newsletter and other types of reports of QSA. Many publications have been produced in the past.

Buddhist Publications Board

Consultant (Research and Writing)     Mr. Rahu Sarath-Chandra
Consultant (Editing)     Mr. Tanuja Y. Sarath-Chandra
Publications Officer (Newsletter) Dr. Jack Wicks

7. Sangha Welfare Division

This division is intended to work for the welfare of monks and nuns. It has not been formally organised, mainly due to lack of volunteer co-ordinators. However, Some work has been done in the past.

Mr. Sanjeewa Morawaka, Executive Treasurer has been asked to come up with proposals to activate this function.