Rules Regarding QSA Membership
QSA membership is free. Voluntary donations are welcome.
By joining QSA you can help the Sangha in Queensland to look after one another, and also to provide guidance together for the protection and advancement of Buddhism in Australia.
All applications for membership will be evaluated by the management committee.  We will inform you of the progress of your application.  Members and the centres in which they live will have the benefit of a number of services provided by QSA.  You will get to know other members of the Sangha, where resources you need are available, and how there can be mutually beneficial cooperation among the members of the Sangha. The page on Services in this website indicates the range of services provided by QSA.
Who Can Join?
QSA membership is open to all Buddhist sangha and to lay supporters of the sangha regardless of the tradition to which they belong, Mahayana, Theravada or Vajrayana. 

How Do I Join?
Membership forms can be downloaded from the links below.  You may fill the form and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as an attachment, or you can fill the printed form and post it to us. We can also send the forms to you by email.   

We will consider your application at our next management committee meeting and will communicate with you thereafter.

Application Form for Membership in Groups A, B or C (for Monks and Nuns)

Application Form for Membership in Group D (for Lay Supporters)

Groups A to D are briefly described in the extract from the constitution appended to the application forms. These can also be seen in the QSA website on the applicable pages of the constitution.