The Queensland Sangha Association Inc is an association of Buddhist monks and nuns (the Buddhist Sangha) incorporated in Queensland since 2007. Membership is open to all monks and nuns belonging to every tradition including Mahayana, Theravada and Vajrayana. There is no membership fee. House holders who support the Sangha may become members and carry out executive duties under the general direction of the Sangha. A committee of management is responsible for the operations of the association.

The association serves as a reference point for the public and the government in regard to Buddhism as a religion.

QSA provides a multitude of services to monks and nuns as well as services to the institutions that look after them such as monasteries, nunneries and temples. Services may be extended to other Buddhist groups when deemed necessary. The main services provided in the past were:

Research, education and training


Buddhist Chaplaincy Services

Development planning services

General advisory services

In this website one can access different types of information about QSA through the menu on the left hand side by a left click on any of the captions. For example if you click on the word ‘services’ you will see details of the services rendered by QSA.

Sometimes a particular activity may be highlighted by a brief note in this page.

If a reader wishes to obtain additional information an email can be sent to QSA via the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Other ways of contacting QSA appear in the Contact Us page.

Current and Recent Newsletters

The current newsletter of QSA and a few other recent ones are in the Current Activities section of this website which you may access through the left hand menu titled Activities.  

Buddhist Education, Chaplaincy Education and Chaplaincy Services

Sixth Delivery of the Buddhist Chaplaincy Course

This course was first delivered in April 2011 and again from October 2013 to October 2014. The third delivery finished in March 2016. The fourth and the fifth followed thereafter. In December 2017 plans are being developed to run this course with some improvements for the sixth time. One of the improvements is to include units on mental ailments.

The changes are being introduced under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Sullivan, Buddhist Chaplain. Earlier she was a lecturer in the University of Queensland.

The text book for the course continues to be Buddhist Chaplaincy by Rahubadde Sarath-Chandra.

Completion of the course is a qualification to apply for registration as a Buddhist Chaplain with the Queensland Sangha Association Inc. There are 30 Buddhist Chaplains listed with QSA now.

Further development of Buddhist Chaplains

The Siddhartha Institute of Buddhism the educational arm of QSA runs advanced educational programs for Buddhist chaplains. The prospectus of SIB and the connected information packs cover details of such programs.

One of the extension courses is on Teaching Meditation. An information pack for this course is now ready for release.

A course on Buddhism in general suitable for adults and the elderly is under consideration. Sanka who holds a Ph.D in Buddhism is expected to play a key role in Buddhist Education programs in 2018.

An assembly of Buddhist Chaplains is being set up for the guidance, protection and further professional development of Buddhist Chaplains. Publications needed for this are being developed. A fund to help new developments is about to be approved.

Facilities are being developed to help people living in distant places and those living in other countries.

Please always feel free to email the Queensland Sangha Association via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on any matter of interest.

What is New in the QSA Website?

(since 1 December 2017)

The home page has been amended.

The Educational Services page (under the Services menu) has been updated; new documents relating to the Siddhartha Institute of Buddhism have been uploaded and linked to the list of document titles.

Under the Resources menu an e-books section has been added. One e-book on Buddhist Chaplaincy has been uploaded. More will be added later.